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Inflatable Child Passenger Safety Seat – Automotive Safety

Luftikid is the only children’ seat approved for both car and airplane use.The Luftikid is an inflatable car seat. It consists of an inflated seat ring and a large, wedge-shaped lap cushion, basically a persistent, pre-inflated air bag. It attaches with regular seat belts, lap and shoulder. It accommodates kids from ages 9 months to 7 years.

source/image: luftikid

It is perfect for holidays with flights and car rental, taxis, bus journeys, school trips or family and friends uses.Crash tests have demonstrated Luftikid’ high efficiency for 1 to 7 years old children in case of front collision, safer than traditionnal chairs.

It weighs 1 kilo, it is easily movable. The transport bag that is provided is 25 cm diameter 33 cm high.The air can be compressed and is affected by the changes in temperature. Therefore the new Luftikid is equipped with a pressure gauge for maximum security.


Children can get fidgety and impatient during long car journeys. The Luftikid can be used as a playing console, to read a book, for coloring and drawing. It’s good for keeping children engaged and quiet in the car all the while ensuring that their safety is not compromised.