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Inflatable Dome-Shaped Camping Tent


The next generation of air tent. Aerogogo Aerotent series is equipped with one-button set-up inflatable frame structure and large cozy space, built for adventure with modern unique appearance.

source.image: Aerogogo

Auto inflation, self-assembling, and instant one-button set up. Portable and durable for outdoors.TPU inflatable air column structures, versatile designs, and one-button inflation with an air pump, simplify the setup process. Easily set-up with rechargeable air pump, Large cozy space makes you feel like home, Up to PU5000mm waterproof Oxford 150D.

Made from lightweight yet durable and flame-resistant Oxford 150D material that can withstand rains up to 5000mm and sun protection to SPF50+. The ultra-stable structure keeps you safe even in extreme weather.Let’s redefine the tent – with 3 doors and 3 mesh windows, it is a versatile and multi-functional tent that serves as a canopy.


Transforming the tent into an outdoor canopy instantly expands the activity space, provides a board view, and offers ventilation and sun protection.The Sphere Tent can provide a comfortable room for up to 8 persons, while the Moon Tent is enough for 2-4 people. The Sphere Tent’s height reaches an astonishing 2m, providing an unprecedented amount of cabin space for a camping tent, allowing you to walk inside and stretch out like never before.