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Ingstrom Escape Chutes Fire Escape System


The Ingstrom escape chute provides safe egress up to 1 minute faster than conventional ladder type installations.

source/image: Ingstrom Escape Chutes

Ingstrom provides mining, domestic and hi-rise buildings a solution that is the fastest, integrated and life saving escape chute on the market.

The units are slim, requiring minimal room, and are attached to the side of the walkway.Ideal For:Large earthmoving excavators, shovels and drag lines.Wheel Loaders and “Push Cat” Loaders.Large dump trucks.Cat walk access only provided.


Specialising in open cut mining our chutes are designed to get you and your employees safely through a fire, within seconds of deployment.

See how easy the Ingstrom Escape Chutes is to use in 5 easy steps./Ingstrom Escape Chutes