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Inline 32cc Four Cylinder Water Cooled Gasoline Engine


This miniature This is an independent lubricated model four-cylinder engine that burns pure gasoline. In-line four-cylinder water-cooled gasoline engine model, gasoline independently lubricated, with intake and exhaust carburetor, oil pump with water pump, with spark plug and igniter, with fuel tank and without cold exhaust.

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The inline-four layout is in perfect primary balance and confers a degree of mechanical simplicity. Size: 21(L) x 9(H)cm; Displacement: 32cc (8cc×4); Cylinder Length: 24mm; Stroke: 20mmCylinder Liner: The cylinder liner is copper cylinder liner with hard chrome plating inside.

Piston: Double groove 7075 aluminum alloy piston; Piston Ring: fluorine rubber ring (support to upgrade bimetallic piston ring); Connecting Rod: One-piece casting; Crankshaft: One-piece casting, later quenching; Cylinder: 7075 aluminum alloy, anodized.


The engine is suitable for installation on rc models such as ship model, model airplane, etc. This set is also suitable as a decoration, science and education, exhibition, etc..

  • Product Parameters:
  • Displacement: 32cc (8cc × 4)
  • cylinder length 150mm
  • width 60mm