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Innovative Anti-Flood Concrete – Super Thirsty Concrete Soaks Up 4,000 Liters Of Water In 60 Seconds


This new concrete, from Lafarge Tarmac, could potentially be a very useful tool in combating urban flash flooding from sudden, heavy storms—the type that are likely to become increasingly common because of climate change.

source/image: Tarmac

Topmix Permeable is a fast draining concrete pavement solution that rapidly directs stormwater off streets, parking surfaces, driveways and walkways. This minimises the cost and long-term maintenance for local authorities and developers of stormwater management.

source/image: Tarmac

This solution provided a number of benefits to this project. It was installed by Tarmac’s Construction Solutions team meaning that expertise was on site to ensure the installation was successful.


Trafficking could take place within 7 days of application and the permeability rate is considerably higher than alternative permeable pavement solutions.Tarmac

The project is substantially complete, with one phase remaining and has delivered on schedule, on budget and to the agreed design specification. Already, despite recent heavy seasonal rainfall the pavement has proven to be free-draining, staying dry and is delivering the water attenuation required by the designer.//Tarmac

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