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Amazing Invention The Exhaust Air Jack – Jack Up Your Car Quicly Like A Boss


If you got yourself stuck in the situation where you drive a car where it’s not convenient to carry the jack or if you’re in the tight spot and need to change the tire in a hurry, then you definitely need to see this very cool invention called The Exhaust Jack.

image: myboothang

The Exhaust Air Jack is a car jack that uses the exhaust from your vehicle to lift it up when in an emergency on the side of the road. Simply place the empty air bag below your car where you would like it to be lifted, connect the hose to your car’s exhaust pipe, then just start your car and watch it get lifted up which takes around 30 seconds.

source/image: odditymall

The Exhaust air jack is a great way to lift up your car when you don’t have a car jack to change your tire, or if you’re car is stuck out in some mud and need to get lifted out of the dirt to get moving again.


This concept is very simple actually. Well ,the Exhaust Jack uses the exhaust gasses produced by the running engine of the vehicle.With the help of these gasses an airbag which in turn lifts the vehicle off of the ground just enough for the owner to change a flat tire.

And The Exhaust jack is quite easy and simple to use, you just need to place it below your car, connect the hose to the exhaust pipe,turn the engine on and in half a minute, the airbag will be inflated and your vehicle lifted off the ground.

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