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Innovative Mountain Bike With Unique Suspension System


Veli advanced full suspension mountain bike. The first production bicycle to use the Vasttech suspension system for its ultimately light weight, unmatched bump absorbsion & ride qualities, and superb pedaling efficiency. Each frame is hand made using the highest quality materials and our own proprietary carbon layup process developed in-house which we regard as the best in the business.

source/image(PrtSc): veli.bike

The rear axle travel path has a huge influence on a bike’s ability to absorb square edge bumps. The term ‘Squared Edged’ describes bumps and obstacles encountered where the point of impact on the tyre is some way above nominal ground level.

source/image(PrtSc): veli.bike

In technical terms the vector of the force exerted on the wheel is perpendicular to the tangent of the point of impact on the tyre.Greater chain pull force where you need it and zero chain growth where you don’t.


More chain pull force to resist pedal bob in the pedaling zone of 20-35% sag provides more direct acceleration and keeps the rear end from squatting on steep climbs and sprints. Zero chain pull in the big hit zone through to bottom out keeps chain growth and the associated pedal kick-back to an absolute minimum.

For comparison, at 25% sag the Vasttech bike pictured has 38.7% more chain growth and related anti-squat than comparable linkage driven single pivot designs. Yet its total chain growth which leads to unwanted pedal kick-back is just 13.79mm from rest to full bottom out./source

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