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Innovative Straw And Plaster Tiny Home


Welcome to a unique tiny house experience with “Pumice Tiny House”! Built from about 200 barley straw bales, a waste byproduct from the grain industry, this tiny house is plastered with a lime-based plaster reminiscent of those found on old European castles. The plaster is delivered to the bales by a pump and hand-polished for a smooth finish. With exceptional insulation value, high fire rating, and zero VOCs, it’s a perfect blend of sustainability and innovation.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Discover the compact yet highly functional kitchen of Pumice. Inspired by Japanese compact kitchens, it features a gas hob, utilities cupboard, pull-out pantry, and a unique li plaster countertop. Experience the convenience of a microwave and convection oven in one, alongside a spacious 95L fridge. The kitchen is equipped with ample storage options including the longest spice drawer ever installed!

Transition to Comfort: The Bathroom. Enjoy the comfort of heated organic stone tiles underfoot and a shower with an easy-to-clean plaster finish. The shower features a seat for relaxation and a versatile vanity mirror with a demister and heater. The bathroom is thoughtfully designed with excessive curves and unified plaster for a seamless look.


Living Area and Lighting Ambience. The living area boasts a possum fur upholstered sofa, contributing to pest control efforts in New Zealand. Dynamic lighting throughout the house helps establish distinct spaces, creating the perfect ambience for any activity. Custom-made door handles and innovative lighting solutions add to the house’s unique charm. Cozy Up in the Bedroom. Relax in a custom-made bed with memory foam and latex foam for supreme comfort. The bedroom, devoid of windows, offers privacy and tranquility. A bioethanol fire adds warmth and ambience, creating a serene retreat.