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Surge S32 Convertible Scooter Truck


Introducing the groundbreaking Surge S32 by Surgeautomobiles, the world’s first vehicle that seamlessly transitions between a three-wheeler and a two-wheeler in just 3 minutes. Get ready for a revolutionary class-changing experience. Envision a rickshaw without a front wheel – the e-scooter neatly fits into this structure and functions as the front wheel.

source.image: Surge EV

This design not only provides an innovative approach to urban commuting but also offers users the flexibility to detach the e-scooter for independent use. The S32 can be configured as a flatbed truck or a box truck for cargo, or as an enclosed passenger vehicle.

The Surge S32 boasts a versatile powertrain, with the scooter reaching a peak output of 6kW and the rickshaw at 10kW. Maximum speeds are 60kph and 45kph for the scooter and rickshaw configurations, respectively.


The two are connected electrically when in rickshaw mode, so perhaps the vehicle can draw from both battery banks. Although the car is still a concept, they have showcased it for the future, but it looks very sturdy.