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Inside the C-5 Super Galaxy 3D Animation


Explore the C-5 Super Galaxy, one of the world’s largest military transport aircraft. Capable of carrying 280,000 pounds of cargo, including tanks and helicopters, this giant boasts an impressive aerial refueling capability for unlimited range. Discover its unique features, advanced design, powerful engines, and efficient cargo-loading process. With over 50 years in service, the C-5 Galaxy remains vital in global airlift operations.

source.image: Learn from the base

The C-5 is a large, high-wing cargo aircraft with a distinctive high T-tail fin (vertical) stabilizer, with four TF39 turbofan engines mounted on pylons beneath wings that are swept 25°. (The C-5M uses newer GE CF6 engines.) Similar in layout to its smaller predecessor, the C-141 Starlifter, the C-5 has 12 internal wing tanks and is equipped for aerial refueling.

Above the plane-length cargo deck is an upper deck for flight operations and for seating 80 passengers in rear facing seats and the embarked loadmaster crew in forward facing seats. Takeoff and landing distance requirements for the plane at maximum-load gross weight are 8,300 ft (2,500 m) and 4,900 ft (1,500 m), respectively.


Its high-flotation main landing gear provides 28 wheels to distribute gross weight on paved or earth surfaces. The cargo compartment is 37 m long, 4.1 m high, and 5.8 m wide, or just over 31,000 cu ft. It can accommodate up to 36 463L master pallets or a mix of palletized cargo and vehicles. The nose and aft cargo-bay doors open the full width and height of the cargo bay to maximize efficient loading of oversized equipment.