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Sirius Jet Hydrogen-Powered eVTOL Concept


Switzerland-based company Sirius Aviation AG unveiled two designs of a hydrogen-powered VTOL jet—one intended for business purposes and one for commercial purposes. SiriusJet is equipped with an airframe parachute system, effectively reducing the incident risk to virtually ZERO.

source.image: Sirius Jet

Featuring pressurized cabin and ducted fan design solutions, the SiriusJet is engineered to reach high altitudes of 30,000 feet and achieve a cruise speed of 520 km/h or 323 mph producing <60 dB noise level. Achieving Low-Cost Airline Standards with Hydrogen-Powered Operations. Sirius Jet is a zero-emission plane and has no environmental impact.

The Sirius Jet is a high-performance, zero-emission VTOL aircraft, propelled by a hydrogen-electric propulsion system. Leveraging jet aerodynamics with airplane and helicopter versatility, it achieves extended flight distances, high speeds and high altitudes at near-silent levels.


The propulsion system includes a fuel cell stack, a liquid hydrogen fuel tank, battery packs, a booster battery pack, a DC/ DC converter, a power distribution unit, proprietary electric motors, a proprietary advanced two-phase cooling system and integrated power electronics. Each motor powers an 11.8-inch diameter electric ducted fan; each EDF weighs 9.6 kg and has a peak thrust of 225lb