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ISIFLOATING Floating Solar Plants Technology


ISIFLOATING is a floating solar system that is installed as the base component of solar power plants on top of water environments:irrigation reservoirs, industrial water ponds, dams, hydropower plants, natural lakes and ponds,water treatment facilities, quarry lakes, aquaculture farms or even lands prone to flooding.

source/image(PrtSc): ISIGENERE – ISIFLOATING

Its unique and patented PV floating technology enables the covering of partial or entire water surface (bottom surface + embankment slopes).The solar panels also come with great stability and buoyancy with each of them capable of accommodating a 240kg load.

Furthermore, the cooling effect of the water allows the floating solar cells to run more efficiently than on land.The Unique patented double float design for each solar plate, using the best materials (virgin blue HDPE, UV and anti-corrosion additives).
Injection moulding provides greater precision and durability.


Minimum thickness of 3mm in any part of the float and even more in parts exposed to the sun.High production speed (1 MW of floats are produced in only 5 days).To different water levels, even resting on embankments.To reservoirs with small surfaces thanks to a high power per area (138 Wp / m2 with 350 Wp panels).

In logistics and storage thanks to its nestable and stackable design (1MW only needs 7 x 40′ containers).In installation due to few parts assembled on the ground with basic tools.High installation speed (1MW in only 17 days with 4 people = 1.5 kW / worker / hour).