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ISR Innovative Road Traffic Intelligent Speed Reducer


Intelligent Speed Reducer It’s a mechanical system that works with a software to measure vehicle’s speed and acts according to the speed limit. The speed reducer remains upward when people do not respect the speed limit, making people understand that they need to reduce the speed.The need to create a device with these characteristics is due to the serious deficiencies of the current speed bumps: Traffic accidents; Back injuries, damages to the vehicle etc.

source/image: intelligentspeedreducer

Intelligent Speed Reducer “ISR” is a system that helps to promote road education, contributes to respecting speed limits, benefiting road and drive safety, with the aim of preventing accidents and raising awareness among drivers of respecting speed limits, also compiling statistics and making possible measure impacts and benefits,

The smart speed bump is equipped with a system that has the capability to detect the speed of an oncoming vehicle. Careful motorists who are driving at a speed that is below the 40 km/h limit will feel just the slightest bump and will not even need to slow down. Those who exceed the limit will have to slow down when the speed bump rises from the surface of the road.


As part of the trials, the speed bump or the tope as it is called in Spanish will be raised during opening and closing times at a nearby school. Pedestrians can control the speedbump by pressing a button so that they can cross the road safely.