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Italdesign Aztec 1988 Futuristic Car By Giugiaro


The Aztec is a concept car introduced by ItalDesign in 1988. The two-seater is unique because the driver and passenger are separated, requiring the two parties to communicate electronically.Using Lancia Delta Integrale derived four-wheel-drive system.Only 18 or 50 (different sources) of these cars were ever built and recently one sold for $75,000. A far cry from the $225,000 they were sold for originally.

source/image(PrtSc): Belgian-Motorsport

The Aztec’s Audi-sourced five-cylinder DOHC engine produces 200 PS (147 kW; 197 hp), although the car carried a prominent “250 HP” badge on the flank. Many cars were indeed fitted with boosted engines producing closer to that number.The car incorporated futuristic styling cues with many features ahead of its time.

The car also incorporated a satellite navigation system located in the centre of the dashboard (positioned more towards the driver). The design of the car is inspired by the space technology rather than the organic technologies used in that era while the LeMans inspired wing mirrors gave a nod to the aspects of motorsport.


The car incorporated an adequate luggage compartment in order to carry the normal luggage of the occupants while being true to its futuristic theme. A carbon fibre rear wing optimised for downforce and roll-bars for safety of the occupants were also installed.//wikipedia