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JAKE Incredible Hybrid Human Alligator Creature At Marsh’s Free Museum, Long Beach Washington


Jake the Alligator Man is an alleged half-man, half-alligator cryptid on display in apparently mummified condition at Marsh’s Free Museum, a tourist trap located at 409 South Pacific Avenue in Long Beach, Washington. He was acquired by the Marshes for $750 in 1967 from an antique store.

source: wikipedia /image: Cameron McKirdy

His image was used by the Weekly World News on November 9, 1993 for front-page article, “Half-human, half-alligator discovered in Florida swamp. The periodical subsequently reported on his escape from captivity, killing of a Miami man.

They keep Jake in a glass case there, and photos show him with the head and torso of a human being, but the lower body and tail of an alligator.Since Jake, the only available specimen of human-alligator hybrid, could easily have been faked and has never been genetically tested, this cross is poorly documented indeed.


There have been eye-witnesses who have further described seeing something like these.They had green colored scales, webbing between their toes and fingers, with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. Certainly, they look like something from out of a horror movie. While wandering out in the wild, it would be best to look down first, before taking your next step, as you never know what might be out there.

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