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Student Creates a Robotic Hand Controlled By The Movements Of His Own Hand


I built a robotic hand model for my senior project which I’m able to control with the movements of my own hand.The point of this project is to demonstrate why having engineering programs such as robotics is important for those students who want to major in engineering.

image/text credit: Leo Boghozian

Students improve and develop their skills in handling pressure, teamwork, and communication in order to be prepared for upcoming challenging projects. The arm itself works by using nylon strings to maneuver hand-like digits.

It’s made from a thermoplastic palm that translate movement from his wrist to the fingers. It wasn’t perfect—it had some pitfalls, like the inability to grasp anything unless it was “tightened” just right. But he was able to hold things like bottles or cans.


There, he had the use of a 3D printer, and his entire personal design was printed and made functional by adding the nylon thread. What’s the cost of a robotic hand these days? It will cost you around a $100. But if you want the Cadillac version sold on the market, you’re looking more around $15,000 for a bionic prosthesis.

VIALeo Boghozian
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