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Drone Taxis EHANG 184 AAV Manned Flight Tests


The 184 AAV is designed with full redundancy – If one set of the power system are operating abnormal, the vehicle can still operate a normal flight plan and ensure the safety of the passenger together with the vehicle.The 184 was designed to be a 100% with green technology, and is powered by electricity only.

image/text credit: EHANG

On February 6, EHANG announced that the EHANG 184 Autonomous Aerial Vehicle has achieved a series of manned flight tests carrying one and two passengers, including EHANG CEO and all executives, as well as many Guangzhou government officials.

The 184 AAV has embedded with Ehang fail safe system. If any components malfunction or disconnect, the aircraft will immediately land in the nearest possible area to ensure safety.The communication is encrypted and each AAV has its independent key.


Ehang 184 AAV flies in an inverted U shape. Take-Off/Landing points are landing targets pre-set with Ehang Logo.The landing camera will position the landing targets automatically and accurately.Ehang 184 AAV is the safest,Smartest and Eco-Friendly low altitude autonomous aerial vehicle, aiming on providing Medium-Short Distance communication and transportation solution.