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Jans Creacar 170 sqm Solar Container Concept

Solar container with a surface of 170 sqm. A special tracking system rotates the solar surface not only in angle but rotates it according the position of the sun, to have maximum energy absorption.

source/image(PrtSc): Jans Creacar

The Solar container can generate an output of 37.44 kW. The solar tracking system ensures that the solar panels are optimally directed towards the sun throughout the day, so that up to 45% more power can be generated than an installation without a solar tracking system.via/read more: creacar

Also, the energy production will be much more even during the day. The generated energy will be stored in the battery pack that is present in the container.


The solar container can deliver energy in the form of a single-phase voltage as well as in a three-phase voltage. A maximum power of 55 kW can be delivered to the consumers.