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Jetson One Single Seater Quadcopter


We have flown over the desert, through a forest. This time we chose to fly the Jetson ONE over water – the sensation is incredible and magical! We have read through your comments and many have asked to see the Jetson ONE take off. In this video, you can see just how effortless this maneuver is.

source/image(PrtSc): Jetson

Our designers put a lot of emphasis on real-world practicality. No other eVTOL offers this kind of ease of transport and storage convenience at only 40kg(88lbs) empty weight. It also takes just a few seconds to fold the Jetson ONE to 90cm(35in) width configuration.

The aircraft is powered by 8 brushless electric motors with maximum power output of 84kw, Battery type: Swappable 52V li-ion (20700) battery,Flight time (85kg/187lbs pilot weight) 15 minutespacks.


Jetson One is build using composite carbon fiber and cutting-edge 3D printed components, making it an extremely lightweight design. Jetson ONE also uses swappable batteries that greatly shorten time to prepare it for take-off./Jetson

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