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JetZero Ultra-Efficient Blended-Wing JetLiner


California-based JetZero is developing a Blended-Wing JetLiner that cuts fuel-burn and emissions by half. The ultra-efficient airplane solves the mid-market paradox – it doesn’t require new engines to fill the mid-market gap. Powered by existing narrow-body engines, the JetZero Blended Wing can fly Narrowbody, Mid-Market, and Widebody missions.

source.image: JetZero

The versatility of the configuration also makes it a compelling Strategic Tanker with twice the reach of today’s Tankers. The design is well suited to eventual adaption to hydrogen propulsion. This future configuration would provide a true zero emissions aircraft.

source.image: JetZero

The JetZero blended wing aircraft integrates seamlessly into existing airport infrastructure. Its single-deck design fits existing runways and gates.The blended-wing shape offers a unique opportunity to move past the space constraints of tube-and-wing aircraft, raising the bar for passenger and crew comfort. We’ve designed a flying experience people will love.


Our unique cabin layout provides more aisles and more bin space with a dedicated place for every passenger’s carry-on bag. The result will be reduced turn times and improved operations for airlines and airports.The Blended Wing is a naturally stable design requiring no tail surfaces, which eliminates unnecessary complexity. A shorter, wider fuselage is blended together mimicking the wing to provide lift. This reduces the surface needed, creating a lighter aircraft with less drag.

The beauty of efficiency is that it compounds. With less drag and weight, the size of the engines is reduced, which further reduces drag and weight. The result is an aircraft with the passenger capacity and range of a small wide body that uses the engines of existing narrow-body planes. This breakthrough fills the mid-market gap with an aircraft that achieves half the fuel burn and emissions of the aging fleet it will replace.

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