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John Deere X9 Combine How It Works Animation


How the insides of the new X9 combine from John Deere works. This video shows the amazing technology inside the x9 series combine, the worlds largest combine.The header platform is the main feature of any combine harvester. This contains the pick-up reel, which pulls the crop in the cutter bar.

source.image: Mona Tractor Co Ltd

The cutter bar then cuts the crops down, which leads to a revolving reel—which then gathers these cut crops.These cut crops are then pushed into the threshing area, which very quickly separates the grains from the stalks. From here, the grains are pushed into another bin, which eventually gets unloaded onto a truck.

The stalks, on the other hand, are pushed back onto the ground they were harvested from.The X9 1100 can harvest wheat at an impressive 100 tonnes per hour at less than one per cent grain loss.


“As conditions change, the X9 combine can make automatic adjustments for the operator so it consistently operates at peak levels,” says John Deere product marketing manager Jonathan Edwards. Coupled with a new dual rotary separator and the industry’s largest cleaning shoe, these work together to improve crop flow and increase harvesting capacity.