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Jump Aero JA1 Pulse Rapid Response eVTOL


Jump Aero unveiled the design of the company’s eVTOL first response aircraft which has been in development since 2019. The company also announced that the first full scale prototype would be partially funded by the United States Air Force and confirmed the first commercial order from Falck Ambulance Services.

source.image: jumpaero

The new eVTOL design called the JA1 Pulse is designed to help medical professionals arrive at the scene of a rural emergency as fast as possible with critical lifesaving equipment.

source.image: jumpaero

It is capable of dash speeds of 250 knots making it the fastest form of sustainable personal transportation with the goal of providing the largest coverage radius within the critical 8 minute emergency response window.


The aircraft can carry a 330 pound payload and can reach any location inside that window as far as 31 miles away. The aircraft is powered by independent – but linkable – 11 kWh batteries, and can land on surfaces that have 10-degree slopes or lower, which includes most roads and driveways.

The primary goal is to provide the largest coverage radius within the critical 8-minute emergency response window.The JA1 Pulse can fly one trained professional plus emergency equipment to unimproved landing zones in rural areas.The aircraft can be deployed in less than 60 seconds, and should arrive at any location within 50 km in less than 8 minutes.

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