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Kaiser Jeep M725 Vintage Concept Review


The Kaiser Jeep M725 concept is a vintage 1967 Kaiser Jeep M725 military ambulance transformed for duty as an ultimate off-road support machine and rolling mascot for JPP.

source/image(PrtSc): DPCcars

Painted Desert Tan, the concept rides on 20-by-12-inch, eight-lug Black Rhino Armory wheels that are wrapped with 40-inch tires. The wheel-and-tire package fits under custom, widened fenders. The Kaiser Jeep M725 is unlike any other 4×4 “go anywhere” style of vehicle found on the trails or streets.

The custom-designed roof panel over the cargo area can raise 16 inches, creating enough room for occupants to stand while retrieving supplies or serving food and refreshments from the open driver’s side rear panel.


The off-road capability of the Kaiser Jeep M725 is enhanced by reinforcing the original frame and replacing the original leaf springs with a heavy-duty link/coil suspension system. Under the hood sits a Mopar 392 Crate HEMI® V-8 engine linked to a vintage TorqueFlite 727 automatic transmission. This combination delivers 485 horsepower and 475 lb.-ft. of torque. via/read more: DPCcars

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