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Katalis EV.500 Electric Micro Scooter


Every generation must think several steps ahead of their previous generations. That’s the way to progress and that’s the way to become more and more civilized human beings.

source/image(PrtSC): Katalis Company

Katalis introduced the EV.500 on IIMS Electric Vehicle Competition 2020. It’s a micro-mobility solutions according to changes in society and people’s lifestyles. The design of the EV-500 is based on a World War II Fighter.

It aims to enable young riders to fully enjoy the electric mobility experience and preserve the environment through the technology.Katalis EV.500 is too much fun to ride. So whether you’re in the city or out in the country, it is built ready to go wherever you want to.


This is a short-distance bike good for 25 miles. It will do 25 mph. The battery can be charged in three hours. The body of the bike is made of 6061 aluminum the resulting look is a mix of nostalgic military design with a japanese elementhe bike is powered by a 500W electric motor attached to a 48V battery./Katalis Company

VIAKatalis Company
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