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Kelekona Concept 40-Seater Mass Transport eVTOL Aircraft


Founded in New York City, our approach is mass transit. Our aircraft is designed to carry 40 passengers + pilot or 10,000 lbs of cargo.

source/image(PrtSc): Kelekona

3D printed composite and aluminum, increasing performance in forward flight.The aircraft would purportedly be able to travel 330 miles per charge at a speed that’s equivalent to an hour between LA and San Francisco.

The front is rounded, the rear end tapered. The bottom looks pretty flat, and the top is slightly domed to turn the whole blobby thing into a lifting surface.


A combination of stereo cameras and radar give Kelekona 100 miles of added environmental awareness for detection and avoidance from unknown aircraft, birdstrike, weather anomalies, and uncharted physical infrastructure.

For now the aircraft it’s just a concept that we’ll yet have to see take flight.The company’s final goal is to create a versatile air bus that can not only carry 40 passengers for inter-city flights but also transport cargo, military equipment, soldiers, and even double as an air ambulance when needed.

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