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Kenguru Electric Powered Vehicle Designed For Wheelchair Users

Kenguru is the first electric powered vehicle designed for wheelchair users. It is environmentally friendly vehicle and driven directly from a wheelchair with access via the rear-opening tailgate. You simply roll a wheelchair in from a pop-up back door and drive off. It is commonly used to make short trips, run errands, shopping and getting around town.

source/image: Kenguru Transporter

The Kenguru has only a single door to the rear of the vehicle for direct wheelchair access. It’s opened by remote control.Inside the driver is nestled in a 350-kg fiberglass cocoon 2125 mm long, 1620 mm wide and 1525 m tall.That’s extremely compact. Empty weight with the batteries increases to 550 kg.

The controls look similar to a motorcycle and are easy to navigate as you drive around town running errands, visiting family, friends, shopping and more.


The Kenguru will not start until the wheelchair is in a correct locking position and the door has been fully closed – the security considerations have been fully thought out and implemented with your safety in mind as a priority.The batteries power two 2-kW motors located on the rear axle.

Kenguru offers a maximum speed of 45 km/h, a range of between 70 and 110 km and a climbing ability limited to 20-percent gradients – perfect for short inner-city trips. Motorcycle-style handlebars provide steering, though a joystick-controlled version is currently in development.