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Kinetic Ceramics World’s First Solid-State Pump


Discover the world’s first solid-state pump. Kinetic Ceramics, a leader in developing and manufacturing piezoelectric devices, has created a piezo-based pump that has the highest power density in it’s class and only one moving part.

source/image(PrtSc): Kinetic Ceramics

Kinetic Ceramics’ patented Solid-State Pumps (SSP) are the most powerful compact pumps ever built. This breakthrough technology can be used for many applications requiring fluid movement or hydraulic power.

Powered by our proprietary Piezomotor®, no other pump comes close to matching their size, precision and reliability. Our SSPs can achieve both high pressure and high flow outputs. And, since our SSP systems have very few moving parts – no bearings, no dynamics seals, and no lubrication – they require minimal maintenance.


With a smaller footprint and high power density, Kinetic Ceramics’ Solid-State Pumps create more power and operate at more than 60% power efficiency./via/read more: kineticceramics

Solid-State Pump Specifications

  • Output pressures from 100 to 2,700 psi
  • Flow rates from 0.4 to >7 liters/minute