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Wood Carving Super Truck International Lonestar


The video has been uploaded by Woodworking Art on YouTube,the artist picks up a block of wood that matches with the dimensions of the printout the artist had taken earlier.From start to finish youtube artist Woodworking Art lets his skill do all the talking.

source/image(PrtSc): Woodworking Art

He started out with a big, heavy piece of timber, then gradually cut and carved it into a miniature of the imposing International Lonestar semi truck, pulling a 12-wheeled trailer behind it.

The curved, raked grille with its commanding presence dominates the exterior, and that grille is faithfully recreated in this extraordinarily detailed wood model, built entirely from scratch.


The video spends just minutes on the process, showing flashes of cutting, chiseling, and sanding. But the video description mentions “a lot of time and meticulous process of chiseling every detail.All these small elements have been intricately detailed.Other working components include the steering and the suspension, and to accomplish that, a separate chassis piece needed to be made./Woodworking Art