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Knaus Boxstar 600 Campervan RV


It’s hard to believe how much equipment can fit into a camper van and how noble a compact holiday vehicle can look. In the BOXSTAR 600, we combine state‐of‐the‐art technology such as LED lighting, optimal insulation with comfort features from the upmarket motorhome sector.

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With full‐body construction furniture, soft‐touch trim and various bathroom variants, we ensure high living comfort with extremely compact dimensions and highly dynamic handling. That makes the BOXSTAR 600 a star on country roads, a star on the motorway and a star for a whole CAMPER VAN GENERATION!

Across the entire length – The BOXSTAR 600 LIFETIME – a sleeper’s paradise with longitudinal beds measuring up to two metres.More room for the whole family – In the BOXSTAR FAMILY, you’ll have a large sleeping area with two traversal beds one above the other in the rear of the vehicle.Variable bench – The seat can be adjusted in different directions for more freedom of movement and ergonomic travel.Spacious holiday companion – Transversal beds located above one another and a spacious seating area with floating dinette table.


In the BOXSTAR family, there is room for friends and the entire family.Cool device – With a volume of up to 90 litres, the camper van refrigerators offer extra space and are particularly quiet thanks to night setback.2‐flame cooker – Fast and easy use of hobs thanks to electric ignition.Standard compact bathroom – Sliding mirror, numerous shelves and optimised legroom ensure maximised benefits.The boxtas 600 wheelbase is a FIAT Ducato 3.300 kg 2.2 l 120 Multijet; front-wheel drive; Euro 6d-Final (88 kW/120 HP), 6-speed manual gearbox.