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Expanding Tiny House With Transforming Furniture


Expandable tiny houses are designed with modular sections that can be extended or retracted as needed. A tiny home does not allow for a bulky furniture that only has one function, it requires unique convertible furniture that can have many functions.Double- or triple-duty furniture can assist you in making the most of every inch of space in your home, apartment, tiny house, or motor coach.

source.image: Exploring Alternatives

James and Kim have an incredible expanding tiny house that goes from 8 feet wide to 16 feet wide at the push of a button! The home is full of space-saving furniture, and it also has an integrated deck that folds up into the wall when the home is being towed!

The 26 foot long tiny house on wheels has large rooms with a Murphy bed on the main floor, a 3-seater couch, rotating TV and fireplace, a combo washer dryer, loads of storage space, and a massive kitchen with a full-size fridge and more!


James and Kim are always on the move and they have a ton of exciting projects on the go, including their tourism business on Vancouver Island where they rent tiny houses, and do land, sea and sky tours! Definitely check them out and follow their Instagram below!