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iCar World’s First Apple Car Concept


This is what we think the upcoming Apple iCar will look like in 2025. We have done all the research and investigating to give you the latest up to date look at what we could expect from Apple and their first ever Apple Car.

source.image: Supercar Blondie

Apple has been keeping this under wraps – known internally as Project Titan the Apple Car still doesn’t have an official name or look, but today with the help of technology we try to unofficially reveal the world’s first apple car.

source.image: Supercar Blondie

Initially, Apple Car – or Titan, as the project is known internally at Apple – was envisioned as a fully-autonomous electric vehicle without a steering wheel or pedals.


This means that the Apple Car will not be much different from a number of other EVs that boast of L2 autonomy at present. The iCar project is codenamed Titan,which originally stated there were “several hundred” Apple employees working on the project.

The Apple Car will be built on Hyundai ‘s E-GMP BEV technology , which will have two motors and a long-lasting battery. It can run more than 500 kilometers per full battery charge. and also comes with a fast charging system that takes just 18 minutes to charge, and the battery can be used for 80% of the time, and the source also says that the Apple Car may have excellent acceleration, capable of reaching 60 miles per hour. within a period of about 3 seconds only The top speed is 160 mph.

VIASupercar Blondie
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