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Kubota’s Future Autonomous X Tractor Concept

Kubota’s future tractor ‘X tractor -cross tractor-‘.Equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) and electrification technology, this concept “X tractor” is a completely autonomous tractor that represents the future of farming drawn by Kubota.

source/image: KUBOTA

Kubota Corporation demonstrated a concept tractor “X tractor – cross tractor” at a new product exhibition held in Kyoto City.100% electric power by combination of lithium-ion batteries and solar batteries.

Based on various data such as weather data and growth rates, AI chooses the appropriate operation and makes actions timely.The four-wheeled crawler achieves stable autonomous driving even on wet paddies and uneven terrains.


The in-wheel motor makes it possible to arbitrarily change the rotation speed of the four crawlers (front, rear, right, and left) to achieve a small turning radius for autonomous operation on various types of land.