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Kumulus-1 Converts Air Into Drinking Water


Tunisian tech start-up Kumulus took on the challenge and came up with a new sustainable invention. They have created a machine that pulls water out of sun and air.

source/image: Kumulus Water

Kumulus is a water tech start up with one mission in mind: Provide drinking water in an economical and sustainable way.

source/image: Kumulus Water

We are starting by designing, selling, and operating machines that create drinking water from air!The project’s aim is to provide drinking water economically and sustainably, producing between 20 and 30 liters per day without any external supply of electricity or additional water source.


The Kumulus-1 is an Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) producing 20 to 30 liters of healthy drinking water per day.This machine can fit in a 1m3 cube and can be equipped with a solar power pack, making it fully autonomous and independent.

source/image: Kumulus Water

The Kumulus-1 is a smart machine, offering options of mobile control through our dashboard and app, as well as functionalities that ensure water is delivered in a sustainable and economical way.

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