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Long Truck Trailer To Two Storey Home Transformer Concept


A look at the Transformers of house, homes that can be erected in less than an hour.A company called Dahir Insaat have created their plan to create regular-looking houses that fold nearly onto a truck and can be transported wherever you like.

source/image(PrtSc): Dahir Insaat

They can then be re-assembled within a matter of minutes, and you don’t even need to cringe as you watch the movers smashing all your prized possessions.

There are both one-storey and two-storey options which the creators insist could be ideal for offices and summer houses, and they are full equipped with electricity, plumbing and water links that just need to be hooked up at each new site.


Transformation of a home into atransport position is carried out in a reverse order upon completion of operation. All rotary panels are unfolded and folded by means of individual drives of an automatic control system./Dahir Insaat

VIADahir Insaat
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