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Lámpago Vintage Stylish Two-Seat Electric Trike


The Lámpago e-trike is a unique creation by Turkish design trio Yavuz Cinkaya, Osman Colcak, and Selen Sarkaya. Lámpago inspired by the Spanish word for lightning, is the starting point of a new era.Our mission is to combine eco-friendly structure and modern lines with unique vintage style to bring the future into your life.

source.image: Lámpago

The handcrafted details and digital electrical vehicle technology systems are presented in an aesthetic way to add style to your unique Lámpago experience.The design of the Lámpago is certainly eye-catching, from the diminutive left-side door to the Vespa-ish styling.

source.image: Lámpago

A rear storage bag and spare wheel cover add even more delightfully vintage accents to the little electric scooter.For those who adopt the philosophy of sustainable living and are looking for a companion to experience this unique pleasure. Lámpago, legacy of the future, is made for you.

source.image: Lámpago

This innovative two-seater ride combines modern features and digital systems with a handcrafted vintage style — offering a sleek, eco-friendly ride for most city streets.


The Lámpago e-trike features a retro outer body and fabric padding, paired with a tech-powered riding system. This includes a digital thermos, a digital display, and LED highlights.

The eco-friendly two-seater is equipped with alloy wheels with front/rear tires spanning 3-10 inches, a 1000W motor, and a 60V/30Ah Lithium battery. Together, these features unlock a range of 40-70km at full charge, with a carrying capacity of 200 kg and a charging time of three hours.

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