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Next Generation Ionic Plasma Thruster


An ion thruster, ion drive, or ion engine is a form of electric propulsion used for spacecraft propulsion. It creates thrust by accelerating ions using electricity.An ion thruster ionizes a neutral gas by extracting some electrons out of atoms, creating a cloud of positive ions.

source.image: Integza

An ionic plasma thruster is created by shooting electrons to generate an ionic wind, which can be harnessed to create a flow of air inside a tube.The design of the ionic plasma thruster can be improved by combining a tube with round edges and a nickel strip with spikes for better performance.

YouTuber Integza Recently he made an ionic thruster that not only looks amazing in the dark, but also produces a fair amount of thrust.The ionic thruster Integza built is basically just a bunch of wires supported by a frame. This is combined with some circuitry necessary to enable the extremely high voltages required to run the device.


Ion thrusters use beams of ions (electrically charged atoms or molecules) to create thrust in accordance with momentum conservation. The method of accelerating the ions varies, but all designs take advantage of the charge/mass ratio of the ions. This ratio means that relatively small potential differences can create high exhaust velocities.