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Largest Rc Airwolf Black Bell-222 Electric Scale 1:3.5 Model Helicopter


The Bell 222 is an American twin-engine light helicopter built by Bell Helicopter. The Airwolf version is the helicopter from the 1980s American eponymous television series.Its fictional features included stratospheric ceiling, stealth noise signature, a wide range of equipmentss and even supersonic speed.

source/image(PrtSc): RC MEDIA WORLD

This Giant RC Bell-222 Airwolf is a scale of 1/3.5 with a rotor diameter app.3.74m, length 4.25m and with a take-off weight: app. 24.75 Kg, it is powered by a Kontronik Pyro 1000 -40 (8KW) electric engine.The Pilot and Builder of this giant helicotper is Andy Fischer.

The helicopter is covered with a fairly decent looking, light-weight polycarbonate Bell 222 body / fuselage with the Airwolf color scheme.


The retractable undercarriage is mounted on the transverse member below the tank. The supports in the fuselage for the mechanical system are also based on a GRP sub-structure.//RC MEDIA WORLD.

  • Model: Black Airwolf Bell-222
  • Scale: 1/3.5
  • Length: 4.25m
  • Rotor diameter: 3.74m
  • Engine: Kontronik Pyro 1000 -40 (8KW)
  • ESC: Kosmik 200
  • Head speed: 690 U/min
  • Tail rotor blade: 0.64m (from T-Rex 500)
  • Tail rotor speed: 3500 U/min
  • Heck Engine: 100KV Power Drone Motor with Kontronik Jive
  • Pro HV
  • FBL: Bavarion Deamon 3X
  • Accu: 12S 14000mah Lipo
  • Take-off weight: app. 24.75Kg
  • Flight time max: 7min
  • Pilot and Builder: Andy Fischer
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