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Last Mile Delivery IAV Smart Cargobike That Follows The Courier


IAV is developing connected services that can be combined like modules to form a comprehensive mobility platform. With its smart Cargobike, IAV demonstrates a tailored solution for transport in the (sub)urban space.The connected services portfolio relating to the Cargobike supports the entire logistics chain.

source/image(PrtSc): IAVchannel

The fleet management with scheduling and route optimization can be just as well integrated as the securing of the goods being delivered. During the delivery, couriers benefit from the camera-based follow-me function. Once it is trained, the courier does not have to mount the bike or push it for every short distance. read more: IAVchannel

The vehicle recognizes the courier autonomously and follows him/her automatically in walking speed. In addition, the courier does not need to worry about securing the cargo. It is stored in a spacious transport box, which can only be opened when the courier is in the immediate vicinity. So the transported goods are always secure.


As an end-to-end application, the Cargobike platform has a frontend application in the form of a smartphone app, which allows the courier to look at his/her individual route and relevant vehicle information. It also has a backend server, in which every process is calculated and stored.Whether it is for a carsharing provider, a logistics company or fleet management – the smart and manageable DiSA (Digital Service Assistant) dashboard makes fleet management very easy. IAVchannel