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Leather Steering Wheel Cover How to Stitch DIY


Tutorial how to make spiral stitch on a car steering wheel cover, lace up steering wheel spiral stitch is the most popular and easiest to make, and it also looks beautifully. Learn how to sew leather steering wheel cover with the spiral stitch with this simple DIY instructions video.

source/image(PrtSc): Leather Steering

1. Install steering cover on the car steering wheel, thread the needle with bonded nylon thread. For short sections of the steering wheel, cut the double thread to be around 1.5 metres, or 59 Inches long.For longer section of your steering wheel cut the double thread to be around 3 metres, or 118 inches long.

2. Find the point where both sides of steering wheel cover come nicely together, and run the needle through the existing stitch hole.3. Run the thread through every one of the existing pre-sewn stitches. Keep adjusting the steering wheel cover so that the stitch is sewn over the original wheel stitch. Don’t over-tight the stitch, be gentle and patient while sewing leather steering wheel cover on your car steering wheel.


4. Tie strong knot at the end of the section.5. Enjoy your new steering wheel with the beautiful stitch.You can use this lacing method for steering wheel cover for cars such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Toyota, Subaru, Peugeot, Fiat, GM, Ford, Buick, Jeep, and other car makes and models. //Leather Steering