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Hand Build Trainer For Rear Wheel Riding Indoor Wheelie


Have you ever wondered if you could ride a wheelie on a bike trainer? While I have and I recently got a chance to try.You need some wood and old cycling trainer that costs near $15-20 and follow instruction in the video.

source/image(PrtSc): The Q

The first step was to measure the length of the bike to know what size to cut my 2×6 to. My bike is about 6ft long so I thought I’d leave it 8 ft long and use the extra 2 feet to keep it from tipping back. Watch the video from The Q for full tutorial:

As for pedaling being smooth and consistent felt the best and I didn’t really seem to need to use the brake, just pedaling slower was enough to lower the front wheel. The balance point is extremely small and if you lose your balance it is almost impossible to save the wheelie.


That’s it your manual machine is done, now go practice! Additionally, you could add a strap to the front of it to keep your wheel from going to high, and keeps the bike in place, even during the most vigorous workouts!/The Q

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