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Lexus ROV Hydrogen-Powered Off-Highway Vehicle Concept


Lexus has revealed a new ROV (recreational off-highway vehicle) Concept, a unique, hydrogen-powered vehicle that offers near-zero emissions driving combined with extreme off-road capability.

source/image(PrtSc): Lexus UK

It reflects Lexus’s commitment to ensuring exhilarating driving can exist in a carbon-free society centred on responsible mobility.Lexus ROV has suspension cover that is connected to the rear hydrogen fuel tank, it protects functional parts of the vehicle.

source/image(PrtSc): Lexus UK

Both lightweight body and suspension has been designed for comfort and off-road driving. The front and rear lights, along with the back door have expressed latest Lexus design language, including that dark bronze paint finish, it is specially created for this concept.


The cockpit is designed based on Lexus Tazuna concept, it has simple meter display so that the driver can concentrate on the job of driving. Lexus ROV demonstrates Lexus build quality, luxury, and craftsmanship, inside and out.

Equipped with 1.0-liter hydrogen engine, it works just like a petrol internal combustion engine that produces a pleasing engine note and responsive torque delivery. Lexus ROV is able to preserve the pleasure of off-road driving while producing close to zero emissions. The fuel is contained in a high-pressure tank and delivered into the combustion chamber with precise direct injection.

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