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Lift Aircraft’s Hexa Prototype Personal VTOL Drone!

Personal flight is one of humanity’s most enduring aspirations, but has historically only been available to a privileged few with the money, time and skill to fly traditional aircraft. We’re making the joy and utility of personal, vertical flight accessible to everyone.

Lift Aircraft’s Hexa Prototype Personal VTOL Drone!

source/image(PrtSc): LIFT Aircraft

Lift’s Hexa from “Liftaircraft” is an electric-powered, vertical-takeoff-and-landing aircraft, or eVTOL aircraft,with an airframe built entirely of carbon fiber, Hexa weights in only 432lbs. And is compliant with the FAA’s Powered Ultralight classification so no pilot’s license is required to fly.

The 18-rotor Drone each of which is powered by its own battery, is capable of 10-15 minutes of sustained flight with a single passenger. A triply redundant autopilot computer with a single, 3-axis joystick is all that is needed to fly.


The craft is equipped with several safety measures, including a ballistic parachute that would be deployed autonomously in the event of an emergency, air-cushioned floats for water landings. Hexa can fly and land safely with up to six motors disabled, so you will likely never need the autonomous ballistic parachute or the whole aircraft airbag system.