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Living In A Beautiful Tiny House Tent Back To Nature


This young family are doing things a bit differently! They gave up their city lives in Southern California to live a debt free and simple life, close to nature in a beautiful tiny house tent in New Mexico!

source/image(PrtSc): Living Big In A Tiny House

Their home is by no means a normal tent, but more like a tiny house cabin with canvas exterior. Certainly, this home is glamping taken to the extreme!

This unique and beautifully crafted home provides all the shelter the family needs while allowing them to truly live more connected to the natural world and the beautiful gardens surrounding their house tent. Tent living is not without it’s challenges, but for this family the benefits greatly outweigh the disadvantages.


It’s allowed them to deeply connect, live a more simple, debt free and rewarding lifestyle and most importantly grow together as a family, with love and quality time being a corner stone of each day./Living Big In A Tiny House

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