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LMX 161 – The World’s Lightest Electric Motocross Bike


Using a state-of-the-art electric drivetrain, the street-legal LMX 161 weighs just 42kg.With a weight of 42kg in homologated version, the LMX 161-H is half the weight of combustion bikes of similar performance such as 85cc cross bikes.Developed in France for riders and by riders, the LMX 161-H is optimized for extreme off-road use.

source/image(PrtSc): LMX Bikes

The weight makes it easy for beginners or first time riders to have fun with limited risks. The bike also features two ride modes : ECO, and Boost.In ECO mode, the maximum power limited to about 3000W, making the bike very easy to control and safe for all riders. Flip it in Boost, and the full 8000W of electrical power is available for maximum performance.

The LMX 161 is a high performance motorcycle, with acceleration comparable to a 85cc offroad motorbike. With over 300 N.m at the back wheel available from zero RPM, the LMX 161-H really takes advantage of the electric drive train characteristics.


The linkage suspension provides a progressive leverage ratio, giving the bike good suspension performance for high speed bumps and rough landings.Having a quick swap battery makes it easy to keep your LMX 161 charged. The 12 kg battery is released by a key lock and features a strap for easy handling. The light weight of the LMX 161 without the battery enables easy loading in your car or on a bike rack.