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LSM MGK 13 Special Post Mower Machine


The Mower Device MGK 13 is designed as verge mower and reflector-post mower. The basic equipment is mounted to local carrier vehicles with hydraulic drive.The mower can be equipped with a flail-mower-head, optional with touchautomatic or a manual control.

source/image: DueckerTV

An electro-hydraulic steering for the movement of the hydraulic cylinder is integrated in the basic unit. The control panel is mounted in the cab.During manual control the parallel ledded mower-head facilitates the pushing in and out around reflector post, trees, traffic signs etc.

source/image: DueckerTV

With the inset of the touchautomatic a touch-bar in front of the mower-head keep the control. So the mower automatically led around obstacles.


In the equipment of integrated computer in connection with the touch-bar and in the equipment blocked sensors, provides for an optimal work routine.

A reflector-post mower is also available.Reflector posts, traffic signs and guiding device are released from the grass. Two sensor-steered mower-disks are led exakt and ensure a completely clean mower-result. The computerised control finds its use also here.

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