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Lucid Embarrasses The Competition Packaging Perfection


The Lucid Air’s Packaging Puts The Competition To Shame.Packaging is arguably one of the most challenging aspects of automotive design. Good packaging is the result of a wholistic approach of collaborative design, efficiency, and minimalism.

source.image: Engineering Explained

In my opinion, there’s never been a car that better reflects this approach than the Lucid Air; it fits an astonishing amount of cargo space and passenger space within a fairly compact footprint.

source.image: Engineering Explained

Simultaneously, it has the lowest energy consumption on the highway of any production car sold today in the United States, with a 140 mpge rating. How have they done it? Watch the video to learn all about it!


The Lucid Air has a rip-roaring EPA estimated range of up to 516 miles¹. So you could cruise from San Diego to San Francisco, sans charging.The Lucid Air is unstoppable.

With a choice of single, dual, or three-motors and max horsepower of 1,200+³, it can go from 0-60 in sub 2 seconds, reach a quarter-mile in under 9 seconds, achieve a top speed of 200+ mph, and has a proven track record for power, literally.The Lucid Air’s impossibly compact electric motor is the world’s most powerful for its size and weight — with each unit generating up to 670 hp while weighing just 163 lbs. It’s so lean it fits in an airplane carry-on.

VIAEngineering Explained
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