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Luxurious Yacht M/Y INDAH 120m Designed By Lukasz Opalinski

Designed by Lukasz Opalinski at Opalinski Design House This vessels is created to meet todays market demands for yacht over 100m using existing template, at the same time pushing the boundaries of innovation and style.

source/image(PrtSc): opallo100

The brand new PATENTED P.435916 Rotational Transom feature is engineered to provide feasible solution to create a massive Beach club on board of large yachts between 50 and 150 meters.//opallo100

Due to rotational movement of the bulkheads on vertical axes the feature does not require hydraulics as it can be operated using small electric motors.


This feature is following the success of OUR original Fold- Down bulkhead solution also Designed by Lukasz Opalinski and introduced for the first time on board of ” Project Magnitude” 90m for Ocenco in 2009, which is now licensed to several builders and it on the way to become ” industry standard”.Opalinski Design House is currently offering licensing to builders and designers for the new rotational transom Beach Club.//via: opallo100