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Luxury 3 Bedroom Shipping Container Home


Storage container houses have become extremely popular for the modern-day eco-friendly minimalist.The beauty of a shipping container is that it’s a blank slate for the imagination. This home consists of 3x40ft and 1×20ft with conventional build for the middle section.

source/image(PrtSc): Container build group

It has a total of 3 bedrooms, outdoor room, laundry, walk in pantry, bathroom, kitchen and huge internal living area with clerestory windows and 4m ceilings. It also includes large outdoor deck areas and a storage unit below.The 40 FT containers’ roof overhangs 3 meters to serve as a carport located right next to the main entry door.

Built on a sloping block, we utilised a 20 foot container to act as storage and part of the footing structure for the top storey. This helped to keep the home elevated on the block in order to make the most of the incredible views, while also giving the family an extra storage space.


A large front deck was added between the shipping containers so the family could get the most out of their sunny afternoons and beautiful views.Built in our factory within 3 weeks. Including all of the cutouts and welding, then fully fitted with kitchen, internal wall and ceiling insulation, bathrooms and all glazing.For this build the total cost of the container home units, including roofing panels $210,000.Install quote from local builder of $74,000..Total end cost for the family ready to move in, including landscaping was $320,000./containerbuildgroup

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