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Magical Hobbit-Like Eco Cave House


Built into the hillside on a beautifully landscaped corner of the farm, this unique hobbit-style house has been a family secret for 15 years. The ambience of candle-light, the warmth of a coal range fire and hand crafted native timbers, offer guests a rustic, cosy and tranquil escape from the modern world.

image/text credit: livingbiginatinyhouse

The off-the-grid house is cleverly constructed to resemble a cave. With no electricity in the house, the stone, wood and rustic features truly make you feel like you’re stepping back in time.

image/text credit: livingbiginatinyhouse

The decision not to run power to the cave house was made to help fortify its role as a true place of escape. Having no power encourages people to leave their phones and computers behind and enjoy relaxing in the wonderful natural environment.


Everything inside this tiny cave house has been expertly crafted out of high quality materials. The end result is a beautiful, cosy home that is filled with rustic charm.The cave is situated amongst some of the most breathtaking natural scenery with incredible gardens, and a spectacular feature pond in the middle.

The area surrounding Underhill Valley is a working farm with cattle and even lamas that often come down to visit the cave house.Underhill is the realised dream of Graham Hannah, who built the incredible cave as a haven for his family and children.

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