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Make Your Own Paint Brushes From Scratch Using Tin Wood & Horse Hair


Paint brushes are tools used to apply a coat of paint or stain to a surface. Synthetic-bristle brushes are better for water-based paint while natural-bristle brushes are better for applying oil-based paint. Offering more precision and control than paint rollers, paint brushes are ideal for painting small, detailed areas such as trims, edges, and corners.

source/image: How To Make Everything

Those who require delicate brushes for fine oil or watercolor painting may make their own brushes or purchase them from a specialist who produces them to order. These handmade brushes can be very expensive.I learn about the earlier forms of paint and produce my own tempra paint and my own paintbrushes using tin, wood and horse hair.

Every item that is needed for making a paintbrush is quite readily available in your home’s cupboard or can be bought from the nearest Home Depot without breaking a sweat.


The handle is designed to be small and flexible to fit into tight spaces. If you have smaller projects or panel work to cover, this flexibility, in addition to the narrow width, should give you an extra reach that other paint brushes lack.